Today for the 10 minute “how-to” videos, I was director. The entire day leading up to class I was super nervous. Directing is so intimidating, and the professor was sitting right next to me. That kind of pressure stresses me out like crazy! Once I got into class, I started making sure everything was right and started telling everyone what to do. Once I started directing, I calmed down and did okay! Directing really isn’t that bad! And who doesn’t like being in charge of everybody. 😉 This class has definitely taught me that you have to be confident in yourself and your job or you’re going to stress yourself more than necessary.

Multimedia Production

Intro to multimedia production has been a really hard class for me. It’s time consuming and “busy work” is an understatement. When class first started, I was always mad we were learning what was happening behind scenes, seeing how I want my career to be in front of the camera. After learning how to direct, be a floor director, work audio, and everything in between; I finally realized why we’re doing it all. No job is set by itself-everyone has to work as a team if you want it to run smoothly. After being the director I realized I am good at being bossy-in a good way! Teachers have a way of doing things and I can honestly say I was one to misjudge the class. I highly recommend anyone interested in media to take this class. It’ll teach you a thing or two.

Chris Brown Tells Karrueche Tran ‘I Love You’ In Heartfelt New Video

Chris Brown is in jail and still finding ways to tell his fans how much he appreciates their love and suport. The love he has for his fans is unexplainable. Although this is not a news breaking story, it is pretty close in my eyes. This is exactly the reason I want to become an ENews broadcaster, or Hollywood broadcaster. I want to show the world the love the celebrities have for their fans.

Hollywood Life

He said those three big words! In a video revealing an intimate phone message, Chris thanked his fans for their support, but more importantly, he thanked ‘Kae,’ and even dropped the L-word. Watch the video below!

Chris Brown may be in jail, but he’s still finding ways to connect with his fans — especially his biggest fan, Karrueche Tran. Karrueche uploaded a video to Instagram on March 31 showing everyone a message Breezy left for in her in which he thanked her for supporting him before dropping those three words — “I love you.”

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Philanthropy Week

The lovely ladies of Alpha Chi Omega are spending the week bringing awareness to Domestic Violence. They have been receiving donations and informing fellow UT Tyler students about the statistics of Domestic Violence. The ladies are tweeting like crazy, passing out buttons and encouraging others to post on social media about it so it will end up on the news and get out quicker.
Keep up the good work ladies!


Media life

I follow Hollywood Life and a couple media blogs. I follow them because I have always wanted to be on ENews and following a Hollywood blog keeps me updated on what is going on in the celebrity world. I also follow a world news station so I can stay in tune with what is happening in today’s society. Following media blogs helps me realize why I want the job and it also helps me to see what they really do behind scenes. 

“Believe is is possible and make it happen.” -Chris Brown